8 Best Baby Diapers in Singapore 2020 - Compare Prices, Deals and Reviews

If you are looking for the best baby diapers to buy in Singapore, you've come to the right place. Babies go through a lot of wet and soiled diapers during those first few weeks. To prepare for this phenomenon, most parents build a stockpile of diapers before baby arrives. This can be an overwhelming task for both seasoned and first-time parents, and there are many factors to consider when stocking up, such as baby’s weight, diaper fit, and finances.

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It’s easy to get carried away while shopping for baby in pure pregnant bliss. But understanding what baby will actually need, versus purchasing a room-full of newborn diapers at the first sight of a sale, is essential.

You may be wondering: How quickly do babies outgrow the smallest diaper size? What if you decide one style is better than another and experience stockpiler’s remorse? How many newborn diapers do you actually need? Should you stock up on larger diapers as well?

To discover the answers, check out the guide on How to buy Baby Diapers in Singapore.

Your baby may require about 8 - 10 diapers a day. Therefore, the cost could be a burden to you. To help you choose the right diaper for your baby, we have shortlisted the best baby diapers you can buy in Singapore today; categorised by brand.


Mamypoko diapers come in various sizes and types.

MamyPoko Tape Air Fit and MamyPoko Pants Air Fit - This is their most popular range. Made in Japan, MamyPoko Softest to Skin diaper, awarded No. 1 Mom's Choice in Japan for 3 years in a row.

MamyPoko Tape Extra Dry and MamyPoko Pants Extra Dry - Extra Dry, Extra Long hours even up to 12 hours.

MamyPoko Tape Natural and MamyPoko Pants Natural - Japan’s 1st Organic Diaper. Made in Japan, with Organic cotton on top surface sheet that is ultra soft to touch. Gentle even for babies with sensitive skin. 


Huggies® Diaper technology for dryness and breathability is clinically proven++ to help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis.++ Akin et al, Pediatric Dermatology, 2001.

Huggies Singapore has a broad range of diapers that come in various sizes. There are basically two types of diapers i.e. tape or pants. In terms of materials, there are:
  • Huggies Platinum - Made from their softest materials, their Silky Softest Diaper embraces total comfort.
  • Huggies Gold - Better comfort and fit for active babies. More affordable as compared to Huggies Platinum. 
5. Huggies Gold Tape Diapers NB (0-5 kg) 78 x 1 pack 78 Pcs > Check Price on Lazada Singapore.
Huggies Gold reviews rated 4.9/5 (more than 50 reviews) on Lazada Singapore.

Huggies Platinum reviews rated 4.9/5 (more than 200 reviews) on Lazada Singapore.


  • Pampers diapers is the #1 diaper of choice in Japan hospitals.
  • Best Care for Skin with ultra soft materials that provide optimal comfort to your baby's skin.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Wetness Indicator tells you when your baby might need a change.
  • Pamper'sunique Absorb Away Liner pulls wetness and mess away from baby's skin.
  • Breathable materials allow air to reach baby's skin.
  • Extra Absorb Channels help distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection.
7. Pampers Premium Care Tape NB66x4 - 264 pcs - Newborn Baby Diaper (0-5kg) > Check Price on Lazada Singapore
Pampers Premium Care Tape (NB) reviews rated 4.8/5 (more than 200 reviews) on Lazada Singapore.

8. Pampers Premium Care Tape S60x4 - 240 pcs - Small Baby Diaper (4-8kg) >  Check Price on Lazada SingaporePampers Premium Care Tape (S) reviews rated 4.9/5 (more than 300 reviews) on Lazada Singapore.

Disclaimer: The prices might vary based on the e-commerce promotions, deals or campaigns that are launched on a regular basis. 

How much do baby diapers cost in Singapore?

Price Guide for Tape Diapers

  • Pampers = $0.26
  • Huggies Platinum = $0.32
  • Huggies Gold = $0.17
  • GOO.N = $0.23
  • Drypers = $0.18
  • TouchMerries Tape = $0.26
  • Mamypoko Air Fit = $0.30
  • Rascal + Friends = $0.28

  • Pampers = $0.28
  • Huggies Platinum = $0.24
  • Huggies Gold = $0.22
  • GOO.N = $0.44
  • Drypers = $0.21
  • TouchMerries Tape = $0.29
  • Mamypoko Air Fit = $0.29
  • Rascal + Friends = $0.32

  • Pampers = $0.34
  • Huggies Platinum = $0.27
  • Huggies Gold = $0.24
  • GOO.N = $0.33
  • Drypers = $0.22
  • TouchMerries Tape = $0.31
  • Mamypoko Air Fit = $0.43
  • Rascal + Friends = $0.37
  • Pampers = $0.41
  • Huggies Platinum = $0.27
  • Huggies Gold = $0.26
  • GOO.N = $0.39
  • Drypers = $0.27
  • TouchMerries Tape = $0.37
  • Mamypoko Air Fit = $0.53
  • Rascal + Friends = $0.53

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