Huggies Singapore 2023 - Price and Reviews

Huggies Singapore 2023 - Price and Reviews

Huggies is one of the top 3 diaper brands on the Amazon Best Sellers Baby's category with more than 30,000 ratings. Their diaper technology for dryness and breathability is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis. Huggies has a broad range of diapers that come in various sizes, which will be explored in this article.

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Product Lines

i. Huggies Platinum / Huggies Platinum Nature Made - Softest material. Zero feel technology. Thin and absorbent / SGD23.73

ii. Huggies Airsoft - 12 hours absorption, breathable, ultra soft air cushion / SGD20

iii. Huggies Silver - 10 hours absorption, size starts with M (6kg) / SGD13.25

iv. Huggies GoodNites - Overnight use / SGD23.23

v. Huggies Little Swimmers / SGD15

vi. Huggies Black Label Little Penguin - Supreme Softness / SGD18

1. Huggies Platinum NatureMade

- Previously known as Huggies Platinum, this product has been rebranded to Huggies Platinum Nature-Made
- Zero Feel Technology : Super thin. Super absorbent. As comfortable as wearing nothing at all.
- 5mm thin
- 12 hours coverage
- Contains Vitamin E from wheat germ oil - Soothes and nourishes baby’s skin
- No harmful chemicals : No elemental chlorine, heavy metals, dioxin, phthalate or optical brighteners
- Contains poop pocket to prevent leakage
- Stretchable Waistband

Huggies Platinum Nature Made Price

a. Huggies Platinum Justborn Tape Diapers

Huggies Platinum Justborn Price

b. Huggies Platinum NatureMade for Newborn

Huggies Platinum Newborn Price

> NB Size - Up to 5kg / NB60 - 60 pieces per pack

Out of stock? Find on Lazada or Shopee

c. Huggies Platinum NatureMade Taped Diapers

Huggies Platinum Diapers Price

i. S Size - 4 to 8kg / S82, 82 pieces per pack
ii. M Size - 6 to 11kg / M64, 64 pieces per pack
iii. L Size - 9 to 14kg / L54, 54 pieces per pack
iv. XL Size - 12 to 17kg / XL44, 44 pieces per pack

Out of stock? Find on Lazada or Shopee

d. Huggies Platinum NatureMade Pants

Huggies Platinum Pants Price

i. M Size - 6 to 11kg / M58, 58 pieces per pack
ii. L Size - 9 to 14kg / L44, 44 pieces per pack
iii. XL Size - 12 to 18kg / XL38, 38 pieces per pack
iv. XXL Size - Over 15kg / XXL 26, 26 pieces per pack

Out of stock? Find on Lazada or Shopee

2. Huggies Gold Airsoft

- Provides 12 hours of comfort, at an affordable price range so baby can play and sleep easy just like ABC.
- Patented Air Cushion TechnologyTM : Specially designed with 500 3D Air Bubbles. Gently cocoons baby’s skin and helps in stronger# absorption .
- Up To 12 Hours^ Overnight Absorbency: Absorbs all-night long to keep your baby’s skin dry & comfortable .
- All-Round Breathability: 100% breathable cover with airy gaps allow fresh air in and humid air out, so your baby’s skin can breathe freely .
- Air Cushion Softness: 360 ultra softness waistband! Like a soft, fluffy cushion against your baby’s delicate skin.
- Wetness Indicator: Goes from yellow to blue when diaper is wet, so you know when it’s time for a 

When I first open this product I was doubtful about it as it's thick with cotton, not those 1.2cm thin kind. However it blew my mind away that it is super absorbent and no leakage overnight for my toddler. Do not judge it's cover, this is super good and I will buy more after my two carton finishes.
Been using Huggies gold since my little one was born as SGH uses this brand. Ever since they stopped Huggies gold, had to switch to this airsoft. It has been amazing and light whenever the diaper is full unlike Huggies gold which felt so heavy whenever my son pees 1 or 2 times. It's so soft and durable. No leakage
The lining is very soft and feels luxurious. There was no leakage when my toddler wore it for 8 hours with 2 feeds between. She went about in her usual activities with no tugging which means she feels very comfortable in it. The prints are very nice which is a bonus too
This Huggies Gold Airsoft Tape diapers is very soft thin and absorbent. I like that it has a wetness indicator and backguard to minimise any back leakage. Cutting is smaller compared to other brands. Overall good diapers can recommend.
Huggies good airsoft tape is soft to the skin, it is also able to hold up quite well. It does not leak when I put them on for my baby for the whole night. Shape of the diapers can fit my baby perfectly, nothing to complain about. Happy user!

a. Huggies Airsoft Diapers

Huggies Airsoft Diapers Price

c. Huggies Airsoft Pants

Huggies Airsoft Pants Price

3. Huggies Silver

Absorbs wetness rapidly for leakage protection and dryness.

For overall better fit to baby's curves

- Up to 10 hours absorption
- Helps prevent diaper rash
- Breathable cover to promote air circulation
- Double leak barriers provide extra protection against leaks

a. Huggies Silver Diapers 

Huggies Silver Diapers Price

b. Huggies Silver Pants

Huggies Silver Pants Price

4. Huggies GoodNites

- Sizes S to XL
- Dryness : Leak lock system – the unique protection layer that draws wetness away and locks it in the super absorbent core.
- Comfort : With leak guards that fit securely around the legs, there’s no leakage no matter what position your child sleeps in or how much they toss and turn.
- Designed to look like underwear, right down to the colourful graphics printed on them. 
- The elastic waistband and soft, stretchy sides ensure a snug, discreet fit.

Huggies GoodNites Price

5. Huggies Little Swimmer

Made of unique absorbent material, Huggies® Little Swimmers® swim pants let your baby move freely in the water. The stretchy sides and waistband ensure a snug fit and elastic side guards give added protection against leaks.

Huggies® Little Swimmers® come in bright, vibrant colours with fun designs. Just pull them on and have a splashing good time. The easy open sides mean wet swim pants come off quickly when it’s time to head home.

Huggies Little Swimmers Price

6. Huggies Black Label - Little Penguin

Introducing Huggies® latest super premium diaper launch – the Huggies® Black Label.

Supreme Softness - Contains Japan-imported high-quality cotton which had undergone 72 hours** of fluffing and testing process, so you can enjoy the softest feeling on your skin.

45%~~ less skin contact - Tiny 3D air cushions help to reduce skin contact by 45% and promote air circulation. Gently cocoons baby's skin.

0.2cm ultra-thin - Featherlight and breathable, keeps your baby’s skin comfortable.

Airy Micro-holes - Airy gaps allow fresh airflow to minimise stuffiness, so baby's skin can breathe freely, making them dry and fresh.

8X of urine intake^ with no rewet & Up to 30X~ Super Absorbent - Long Lasting Dryness so baby’s skin can breathe freely making them dry and fresh.

Skin-Gentle Leakage Barriers - 2-layers leg guards for effective side leakage protection, and yet gentle around the thighs

Smaller Packs - On the go convenience and hygiene.

Wetness Indicator - Goes from yellow to green when diaper is wet, so you know when it's time for a change

Huggies Black Label Little Penguins Diapers Price

Huggies Black Label Little Penguins Pants Price

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