Moony Singapore - Price and Reviews 2023

Moony is a popular brand of diapers primarily manufactured by Unicharm Corporation, a Japanese company. 

Moony diapers are known for their high absorbency and softness. They are designed to be gentle on a baby's delicate skin and provide a snug and comfortable fit. They also come in various sizes to accommodate different stages of a baby's growth. Additionally, Moony offers different types of diapers, such as tape diapers and pants-style diapers, to suit the preferences of parents and the needs of their babies.

Moony Diapers Characteristics

  • High-Quality Materials: Moony diapers are well-known for its use of high-quality materials that are soft and soothing on a baby's skin. They are intended to minimize irritation and give a pleasant experience for the baby.
  • Absorbency: Moony diapers are made to be highly absorbent, which helps keep the baby dry for longer periods, which helps during the night or when you're on the go.
  • Wetness Indicator: A wetness indicator is a feature of many Moony diaper variants. When the diaper is wet, this line or symbol on the diaper changes color, making it simpler for parents to determine when it's time for a diaper change.
  • Secure Fit: Moony diapers are designed to fit well and provide a secure fit around the baby's waist and legs. This helps prevent leaks and provides additional comfort and freedom of movement for the baby.
  • Skin-Friendly: Moony diapers are often praised for being hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. They are often dermatologically tested and made without harmful chemicals or additives that could irritate the baby's skin.

Product Line

a. Moony Natural / SGD23.58

b. Moony Airfit / SGD17.50

c. Moony Swim Diapers / SGD23.50

1. Moony Natural Tape Diapers / Pants

- Same qualities as MamyPoko Natural
- Made from Japan
- Organic cotton on top surface sheet that is ultra soft to touch.
- Gentle for babies with sensitive skin.
- No petroleum derived oil, chemical fragrances, latex and artificial colourants.
- Contains 3 types of natural plant oils : Olive oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil for moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects.
- Contains wetness indicators
- Absorbs loose stool : Wavy absorbing zone effectively absorbs loose stool
- Up to 12 hours absorbency
- Breathable

a. Moony Natural Diapers Sizes

i. NB - Up to 5kg / 63 pieces per pack
ii. S - 4 to 8kg / 58 pieces per pack
iii. M - 6 to 11kg / 48 pieces per pack
iv. L - 9 to 14kg / 40 pieces per pack

Moony Natural Tape Diapers Price

b. Moony Natural Pants Sizes

i. M - 5 to 10kg / 46 pieces per pack
ii. L - 9 to 14kg / 36 pieces per pack
iii. XL - 12 to 22kg / 32 pieces per pack

2. Moony Airfit Diapers / Pants

- Same qualities as MamyPoko AirFit
- Made from Japan
- Fitted design that fits all shapes and sizes it prevents leaks without you needing to adjust.
- Tailored to the round shape of bone structure of baby's body, so it roundly fits, but not overly tight.
- Back part is fully stretchable : Fits well and prevents leakage from the back.
- Soothing and comfortable material
- Up to 12 hours absorbency
- Breathable and good leakage protection.

Moony Airfit Diapers Price
SGD 17.50 on Lazada

Moony Airfit Pants Price

3. Moony Swim Pants

- Designed for waterplay at pool, beach, splash park, and more.
- Won't swell and drag down like regular diapers, giving your baby a comfortable fit while playing in water.
- Leak guards to prevent messy accidents.
- Made in Japan

Moony Swim Pants Price

SGD 9.80 for 3 pcs on Shopee


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