Moony Singapore - Price and Reviews 2021

Product Line

a. Moony Natural / SGD26

b. Moony Airfit / SGD26

c. Moony Swim Diapers / SGD24

1. Moony Natural Tape Diapers / Pants 

- Same qualities as MamyPoko Natural
- Made from Japan
- Organic cotton on top surface sheet that is ultra soft to touch. 
- Gentle for babies with sensitive skin.
- No petroleum derived oil, chemical fragrances, latex and artificial colourants.
- Contains 3 types of natural plant oils : Olive oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil for moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects.
- Contains wetness indicators
- Absorbs loose stool : Wavy absorbing zone effectively absorbs loose stool
- Up to 12 hours absorbency
- Breathable

a. Moony Natural Tape Diapers

i. NB - Up to 5kg / 63 pieces per pack
ii. S - 4 to 8kg / 58 pieces per pack
iii. M - 6 to 11kg / 48 pieces per pack
iv. L - 9 to 14kg / 40 pieces per pack

Moony Natural Tape Diapers Price

b. Moony Natural Pants

i. M - 5 to 10kg / 46 pieces per pack
ii. L - 9 to 14kg / 36 pieces per pack
iii. XL - 12 to 22kg / 32 pieces per pack

2. Moony Airfit Diapers / Pants

- Same qualities as MamyPoko AirFit
- Made from Japan
- Fitted design that fits all shapes and sizes it prevents leaks without you needing to adjust. 
- Tailored to the round shape of bone structure of baby's body, so it roundly fits, but not overly tight. 
- Back part is fully stretchable : Fits well and prevents leakage from the back. 
- Soothing and comfortable material
- Up to 12 hours absorbency
- Breathable and good leakage protection.

Moony Airfit Diapers Price

Moony Airfit Pants Price

3. Moony Swim Pants

- Designed for waterplay at pool, beach, splash park, and more.
- Won't swell and drag down like regular diapers, giving your baby a comfortable fit while playing in water.
- Leak guards to prevent messy accidents.
- Made in Japan

Moony Swim Pants Price



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