NUH Gynae Recommendation 2021 / 2020: Obstetricians and Gynecologists in National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore

If you are looking for a recommended gynae in NUH Singapore, you are in the right place.

We have gone through some of the mother and baby forums and we would expect that you would have probably done the same. You would only need to choose the 'chosen one' but the challenge is the online world provides hundreds of options. It is clear that the information is all over the place and it's difficult to really decide on who is the best gynaecologist for you after reading all those forums.

If you are choosing a gynecologist for your pregnancy, you should choose an obstetrician or those who sub-specialise in 'maternal-fetal medicine'.

Therefore, we have compiled and summarised the information below so that it will help you with your decision making. Unfortunately, there are not many quality specific reviews out there on NUH gynae. Some of the NUH gynaes have also left NUH to join the private sector. 

We have found a few NUH gynae reviews though...

Recommendations for Gynae
You have decided to have an elective c-section? My friend delivered her two kids with NUH Dr Vanaja but via vagina birth, hence not sure about her stitching skills. However she must be a good gynae else my friend wouldnt go back to her for the 2nd kid as my friend can be pretty picky.
Source: (2018)

Help: Any gynae to recommend from NUH?
My gynae at NUH was T M Chua (Dr Chua Tsei Meng | Female) . I'd made an appointment to see another gynae but some issues cropped out and i needed to see a gynae asap. NUH managed to make an appointment to see T M Chua that very day. I stuck with her as my gynae. There were some issues throughout my pregnancy, and she was always very careful. There were also some complications during delivery and I am glad I took her advice, or I'd have lost my baby. After I delivered, I realised that she didn't only look after the foetus/ baby/ pregnancy, she also looks after the mother.
Source: (2012)

About NUH Gynae - Address, Contact Number and NUH Gynae List

The NUH Women's Centre aims to be the centre of excellent obstetric & gynaecologic care in South East Asia. We aspire to provide the best clinical service to the women and men who seek our expertise in obstetric, gynaecologic and sexual health matters. We seek to lead in the frontiers of translational research by investing in relevant basic science and extending its impact into day to day clinical experience.

NUH Gynae Singapore

Address: 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074
NUH Women's Clinic at +65 6772 2002 (Appointment)
Emergency (24 Hrs): +65 6772 5000

Name of Doctors (Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) by Specialties -

Maternal Fetal Medicine | Obstetricians

A/Prof Mahesh Choolani - Head of Department
A/Prof Arijit Biswas
A/Prof Mary Rauff | Female
A/Prof Su Lin Lin | Female
A/Prof Chan Shiao-Yng | Female
A/Prof Wong Yee Chee
A/Prof Chong Yap Seng
Dr Chua Tsei Meng | Female
Dr Vanaja Kalaichelvan | Female
Dr Tan Eng Kien
Dr Anita Sugam Kale | Female
A/Prof Citra Mattar | Female
Dr Claudia Chi | Female

Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (IVF - In Vitro Fertilization) | IVF Specialists

Prof P C Wong | Head of Division
Dr Stephen Chew Siong Lin
Dr Anupriya Agarwal | Female
Dr Lim Min Yu
Dr Susan Logan | Female
Dr Shakina Rauf | Female

Benign Gynaecology (endometriosis, fibroids etc.)

Prof Kuldip Singh
Dr Annapoorna Venkat | Female
Dr Winnie Wun | Female
Dr Ng Ying Woo
Dr Fong Yoke Fai

Gynecologic Oncology (gynaecologic cancers, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer etc.)

A/Prof Jeffrey Low Jen Hui
A/Prof Arunachalam Ilancheran
Dr Joseph Ng Soon Yau
Dr Ida Ismail-Pratt | Female
Dr Pearl Tong | Female

Urogynaecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

A/Prof Dr Roy Ng

Senior Consultant

Professor Yong Eu Leong


Dr Arundhati
Dr Ng Kai Lyn

To find gynaecologists in other hospitals in Singapore, check out recommended gynaes in Singapore.

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