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Confinement Practices and Myths in Singapore

Confinement is a period for your body to recuperate and recover from childbirth. You have probably heard some confinement practices yourself, and you may or may not agree with them all. There are many confinement practices — some are useful, some are not.  In fact, some of them don't have any scientific basis at all. So, let's bust some common confinement myths. The Confinement Myths 1. "Now that my baby is born, I will lapse into depression." Some women experience a sad or depressed mood some days after giving birth — this "baby blues" or "postnatal blues" is short-term and linked to hormonal changes after pregnancy, and usually lasts only two weeks. Depression is diagnosed only when these symptoms persist; it may be accompanied by suicidal or infanticide intent. Do seek professional help if you have concerns. 2. "I am not allowed to bathe or touch water for fear of 'wind' entering the body." A related myth is: "I can only w