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Best Maternity Insurance in Singapore: Cost and Review (2021)

Maternity insurance is one of the many things you’ll need to purchase when your baby bump starts to show. Here’s a handy guide to help with your baby steps into parenting. In the latest addition to the various grants and subsidies parents in Singapore can receive, Mummies and Daddies of Singaporean babies born between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2022 will receive a one-off $3,000 Baby Support Grant . This grant supplements the existing Baby Bonus cash gift, to help couples defray the cost of raising a child during the COVID-19 pandemic – a big concern for couples delaying childbearing plans. If you’re a Mum-to-be (or a concerned, loving husband), here’s what you need to know about maternity insurance. What is maternity insurance Maternity insurance (also known as pregnancy insurance or prenatal insurance) is a single-premium insurance that provides coverage for both the mother and the baby during the course of the pregnancy – and even shortly after birth. This coverage comes in the