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MamyPoko Singapore - Price and Reviews 2024

MamyPoko Singapore - Price and Reviews 2024 Product Range 1. MamyPoko Extra Dry Tape/Pants - More absorption power than MamyPoko standard, lasts longer. /  SGD16.50 2. MamyPoko Extra Dry Anti-Mosquito Tape/Pants - Repels mosquitos with lemongrass extract. /  SGD15 3. MamyPoko Air Fit Tape/Pants - Extra soft. Also thinner and stretchier than MamyPoko Extra Dry. /  SGD22.50 - SGD26.50 4. MamyPoko Natural Tape/Pants - Organic diaper with no harmful chemical additives /  SGD16.80 5. MamyPoko Standard Tape / Standard Pants /  SGD15.50 6. MamyPoko Kids Pants for Night Time - Designed for overnight coverage, powerful absorption /  SGD13.20 - SGD21.60 7. MamyPoko Royal Soft Pants - From Indonesia, features extra softness /  SGD53.70 for 4 packs 8. MamyPoko Preemie - For newborn babies or small sized babies. /  SGD 14 - SGD16 9. MamyPoko Swimming Pants /  SGD7.70 1. MamyPoko Extra Dry - Extra Dry, Speed AirWave technology allows for 12 hour absorbing capacity.  - Includes a wetness indicator th

Pampers Singapore - Price and Reviews 2024

Pampers Singapore - Price and Reviews 2024 Pampers is one of the most used newborn diapers in hospitals. - American Brand - 2 Million Pampers Diapers are tested every year by doctors and parents - Follows Rigorous Quality Control Procedures for Assured Quality Pampers Singapore Ingredients Pampers does not add the following harmful chemicals to their diapers.. > Formaldehyde, Parabens, Pesticide Residue, Disperse Dye > Natural Rubber Latex, PVC > Elemental Chlorine Bleaching > Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Phenol, PVC > Alcohol / Ethanol Product Line i. Pampers Premium Care Tape - Hypoallergenic, has wetness indicators, more breathable than Baby Dry /  SGD24 ii.  Pampers Overnight Pants - Pants only, for overnight use, premium version of baby dry / SGD16 - SGD18 iii. Pampers Baby Dry - Better for day use /  SGD23 - SGD24.50 iv. Pampers Aircon Pants - Pants only, focuses on breathability, sells in cartons /  SGD79 for 3 packs v. Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers /  SGD3