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Shopping for milk formulas can be a daunting task, especially first time parents who have no experience with buying formula milk for their offspring. There are so many kinds of milk formulas available from Enfamil alone, more so all the other brands available throughout Singapore. For example, what does Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3 even mean? Well..  Enfamil Stage 1: Suitable for babies 0 to 12 months old  Enfamil Stage 2: Suitable for babies 6 to 18 months old Enfamil Stage 3: Suitable for babies 1 year and above Do not worry, we have made a guide on every Enfamil milk formula available in Singapore. Table of Contents A. General Enfamil Milk Formulas 1. Enfamil A+ Stage 1 2. Enfamil A+ Stage 2 3. Enfamil A+ Gentlease Stage 1, Stage 2 - Eases fussiness, gas, crying and spit up with broken down lactose proteins for easier digestion B. Enfamil Enspire (US Formulas) 4. Enfamil Enspire 0-12 months - Closest Similac formula to breastmilk, contains lactoferrin for immune system, upgraded from

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If you are looking for the best baby cereal in Singapore, you are in the right place. By the 6-month mark, your little one may be ready to have their first taste of solid foods. While it is true that breast milk and formula take care of all of your baby's nutritional needs before the age of 1, incorporating baby cereal can help to satisfy little ones that have an appetite that is not satisfied by their milk alone diet. Since it's too sudden for your baby to switch to a typical adult solid food, baby cereals are a great way to introduce your baby to solid foods. There are quite a variety of baby cereals to choose from, so the question is which one should you get? How do you know that your baby will like it? So, we went deep into Google search and research on the baby cereal reviews to figure out the best baby cereals currently in the Singapore market. Below, you can check out our top picks. 1. Friso Gold Milk Cereal  - Best Baby Cereal for Sensitive Stomach Flavours

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Breastmilk is nature's perfect baby food. But if you can’t breastfeed, or if you’ve chosen not to, formula milk is the next best thing. Scientists and medical experts have spent years developing high-quality formula milks that will provide your baby with the nutrition she needs. According to the Straits Times , all infant formula sold in Singapore must comply with the requirements of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority's Sale of Food Act. This includes the minimum and maximum nutrient composition in an infant formula. Most of the standard milk formulas are developed to be closest to breast milk. "The calorie content and nutritional composition, such as protein, fat and carbohydrates, are more or less similar across all brands," said Associate Professor Marion Aw , a senior consultant at the division of paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition at National University Hospital. All standard infant formulas contain added ingredients that are found in br

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1. Huggies Platinum JustBorn Tape Diapers - Zero Feel Technology : Super thin. Super absorbent. As comfortable as wearing nothing at all. - 5mm thin - 12 hours coverage - Contains Vitamin E from wheat germ oil - Soothes and nourishes baby’s skin - No harmful chemicals : No elemental chlorine, heavy metals, dioxin, phthalate or optical brighteners - Contains poop pocket to prevent leakage - Stretchable Waistband Huggies Platinum Justborn Price SGD11.40 on Lazada SGD19 on Shopee Out of stock? Find on Shopee 2. MamyPoko Preemie - Designed for smaller sized newborn babies - Curve fit design to fit baby's natural fetal position - Side perforated lines for easy removal - Air silky softness that is gentle to the newborn's delicate skin - Sizes XS, S and Preemie MamyPoko Preemie Price SGD9.80 for all sizes on Lazada 3. Applecrumby Chlorine Free Diapers  100% Chlorine Free Plant Derived Pulp from Finland (SGS Certified) PURE - 0% Fragrance, Toxic Dye, Asbestos, DEHP, Phthalates, Heavy M