Maternity Packages in Singapore: 2021 Update

Hospital Baby Delivery Rates and Maternity Packages in Singapore Ever wondered How Much Does It Cost To Deliver A Baby in Singapore?  Find out hospital delivery rates and maternity packages at 10 public and private hospitals below. Although the numbers and statistics are everywhere on the internet, we have compiled and organised the information accordingly (by hospital) in one place. The pricing information below is based on the ' fee benchmarks and bill amount information from the Singapore Ministry of Health '. Please take note that the term 'maternity package' is not a simple fixed price item that you are used to in your day to day shopping at supermarkets. That's the reason some hospitals do not offer that as every delivery is unique and different. Most maternity packages will list down cost items that are included and more importantly, cost items that are not included. These might include consultant fee and hospital cost that are beyond the designated

Top Recommended Gynaecologists in Singapore 2020 / 2021

Almost all modern and top gynaecologists are also obstetricians and therefore the term obstetricians & gynecologists or O&G in short. The term 'gynecologist' is often mis-spelled as 'gynocologist' by laymen. In many areas, the specialties of gynaecology and obstetrics overlap. To select a doctor, many of us rely on a single recommendation or even a random search through the search engines. Your gynecologist or women’s health specialist assists you with your pregnancy, screens you for diseases, helps you plan a family and more. And when you are pregnant, this person (other than yourself) will understand your situation and is the one to ensure two people (you and your baby) are at the best possible health. However, choosing the right obstetrician and gynecologist (O&G) for your pregnancy and also the right place to deliver your baby may not be as simple as one might think. The list below is a long list. Please read this guide on  how do you choose a gy