10 Cheapest Diapers in Singapore 2023

Babies go through a lot of wet and soiled diapers during those first few weeks. To prepare for this phenomenon, most parents build a stockpile of diapers before baby arrives. This can be an overwhelming task for both seasoned and first-time parents, and there are many factors to consider when stocking up, such as baby’s weight, diaper fit, and finances.

Your baby may require about 8 - 10 diapers a day. Therefore, the cost could be a burden to you. To help you choose the right diapers brand for your baby, we have shortlisted the best baby diapers you can buy in Singapore today.

1. Joybaby Standard Pants

Extra Dry, Extra Long - Up to 12 hours
1) Speed Air Wave sheet absorb instantly to keep bottom completely dry
2) Stretchable gathers secure fit and prevent leakage
3) All round Air Flow  release heat and moisture to prevent rash

Ultra Thin
- Too many diapers hard to fill in the baby bag? This will only take half of the size of regular diapers.
- Easy to carry around
- Bottom will not feel stuffy
- Will not hinder baby development of walking

Joybaby Standard Pants Price

2. Sensi Baby Pants

SENSI Baby Pant Diapers has double leak guards that help to prevent leakage, giving you a peace of mind. With its' elastic waist which gives a comfortable fit and circulation that accelerates air out, providing your baby with long lasting comfort. The super absorbent dry core locks fluids and ensures surface dryness, and the soft, non woven outer cover provides improved comfort and modesty.

Small ‘S’ (3-8 kg) - 10 pcs per pack
Medium ‘M’ (7-12 kg) - 10 pcs per pack
Large ‘L’ (9-14 kg) - 10 pcs per pack
Extra Large ‘XL’ (12-17 kg) - 9 pcs per pack
'XXL’ (15-25 kg) - 9 pcs per pack

Sensi Baby Diapers Price

3. Hey Tiger Tape Diapers and Pants - Trial Pack

Developed with baby's sensitive skin in mind, Hey Tiger diapers are dermatologically tested, chlorine-free, and super absorbent for day-nighttime wear. This breathable diaper provides up to 10 hours of absorption.

Tape Diapers
- High Waistband
- Custom Designed Grip Tabs
- Breathable Backsheet
- Wetness Indicator
- Size Indicator
- Sizes : NB to L

Diaper Pants
- Elastic Waistband
- Resealable Tab
- Size Indicator
- Easy Tear Sides
- Breathable Backsheet
- Sizes : M to XXL

Hey Tiger Diapers Price

4. Vakind Cloth Diapers

- Soft and breathable cotton material, wear with comfort.
- Adjustable waist design: fits babies of different size.
- Water/sweat absorbent: Keeps baby's bum dry all the time.
- Washable for long time use.
- Suitable for year round use.
- Suitable for babies up to 2 years old

Vakind Cloth Diapers Price
SGD1.50 (Single piece) on Lazada

Out of stock? Find on Lazada

5. Beaba Diapers Sample Pack (5 pieces)

- AIR-CONDITIONING FIBRES : Continuously absorbs and releases energy, keeping the temperature at a moderate level. Just like a mini air conditioner!

- HONEYCOMB DESIGN LAYERS : Provides breathability, reduces contact area, improves air circulation, regulates heat

- ANTIBACTERIAL POLYMER PROTECTS YOUR BABY - Enhanced antibacterial properties prevent bacteria growth, relieves redness, swelling, irritation and protects your baby's skin.

- DOUBLE-LAYER LEAK-PROOF - More ways than one in caring for babies. Instant absorption to lock in liquids with double-layer 3D leak-proof enclosure, effectively avoiding side leakage and avoid the small embarrassments in life.

Read More : Beaba Designer Tape Diapers and Diaper Pants Singapore : Price and Reviews

Beaba Diapers Price
SGD2 for 5 pieces on Lazada

6. MamyPoko Preemie

- Designed for smaller sized newborn babies
- Curve fit design to fit baby's natural fetal position
- Side perforated lines for easy removal
- Air silky softness that is gentle to the newborn's delicate skin
- Sizes XS, S and Preemie

MamyPoko Preemie Price
SGD11 on Lazada (30 pieces per pack)

7. Nomieo Tape Diapers and Pants Sample Pack (3 pieces)

Tape Diapers
- Ultra Thin Full Core (3mm) : Quick Absorption
- Breathable Cotton Bottom Layer
- Soft and Comfortable Waistband : Fits Body Well
- Leak-proof : 3D Double Layer Side Wall
- Suitable for overnight use
- Sizes S to XXL

Diaper Pants
- Soft, light and breathable
- Soft and Comfortable Waistband : Fits Body Well, Stretchable
- Ultra Thin Full Core (3mm) : Quick Absorption and Drying
- Breathable : Contains thousands of micropores to maximize air ventilation
- Easy to wear and remove : Contains an easy to tear section on the sides
- Sizes S to XXXL

Nomieo Diapers Price

8. Offspring Fashion Tape Trial Pack (3 pieces) - Chlorine Free Diapers

- Eco-friendly, ultra-soft diapers with designer prints
- Superior absorbency, great for day and night use 
- Fashionable designer prints; created with ink that’s free of lead and heavy metals
- Ultra-Breathable inner and outer layer; made with chlorine-free woodpulp 
- Wear without worry– Completely free of dyes, fragrances, lotions, chloride, phthalates, optical brighteners and latex. 
- FSC certified chlorine-free fluffpulp (FSC C133010)
- Certified Cruelty-Free and completely vegan!
- Dermatologist Approved
- Dermatest Certificatied : Certifies that the product does not lead to toxic-irritative reactions in patch testing and are free from skin allergens and reactors

Offspring Diapers Price

SGD3 for 3 pieces on Lazada

9. Huggies Silver

Absorbs wetness rapidly for leakage protection and dryness.

For overall better fit to baby's curves

- Up to 10 hours absorption
- Helps prevent diaper rash
- Breathable cover to promote air circulation
- Double leak barriers provide extra protection against leaks

Huggies Silver Diapers Price
SGD14.50 on Lazada (34 - 72 diapers per pack, depending on size)

Huggies Silver Pants Price
SGD14 on Lazada (34 - 64 diapers per pack, depending on size)

10. MamyPoko Standard Pants

- Keeps bottom dry : Quick absorbency keeps surface dry to prevent nappy rash
- Breathable and comfortable to prevent stuffiness
- Prevents leakage : Fits well to minimize gaps and prevent sagging
- Sizes M to XXL

MamyPoko Standard Pants Price

SGD15 on Lazada (30 - 70 diapers per pack, depending on size)

SGD42 for 3 packs on Lazada

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