9 Best Milk Powder for Pregnant Mothers in Singapore 2023

When it comes to the best milk powder for pregnant mothers in Singapore, a search on Google will throw up more than 10 pages of search results. The sheer number and variety of milk powder options by itself is already overwhelming, let alone the differences. 

There are many different brands of milk formulas in Singapore. We have trawled through the reviews, Google search results and milk powder comparison information available on blogs and forums, and shortlisted the best for you. Here are the best milk powders you can buy online in Singapore today, if you are pregnant and breast-feeding.

Best Milk Powder for Pregnant Mothers in Singapore 2023

1. Abbott Similac Mum

  • Similac Mum is available in 2 flavours, vanilla and strawberry yoghurt.
  • Similac Mum is the lowest in fat and the most complete* maternal milk with 27 essential vitamins and minerals, and prebiotic (FOS).
  • Similac Mum is the maternal milk that is scientifically studied among pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Similac Mum now has an improved EyeQ Plus nutrition system with Natural Vitamin E & Lutein, along with DHA, a building block for your baby’s brain & eyes.
  • Similac Mum is also a low GI maternal milk that is suitable for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Similac Mum Price

2. Anmum Materna | Anmum Materna Review Singapore

Anmum Materna has two flavours, chocolate and original.

Anmum™ Materna is specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of you and your developing baby. The only pre-natal milk that has no added sugars* and also low in fat. Thousands of mothers trust Anmum™ Materna to provide the best nutritional support, making us the Number 1** choice of mothers in Singapore.

**Fonterra Brands Calculation based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its scan track for the maternal milk (Mother’s supplements, Category, for the 52 week period ending June 2011, in the Total Supermarkets/Hypermarkets channel (Copyright© 2011, The Nielsen Company)

Anmum Materna Price

 3. Anmum Lacta

Anmum™ Lacta is formulated to replenish maternal stores during the post-natal period. It contains essential nutrients to help support the nutritional needs of breastfeeding mothers. 

It is formulated with Nutri Q plus, Gangliosides, DHA, Sialic Acid, FOS, Iron & Calcium. It is also delicious tasting and low in fat.

Anmum Lacta Price

4. Friso Gold Mum

Friso Gold® Mum is formulated with DualCare+™ essential nutrients to support physiological changes during pregnancy, and provides a good foundation for your ever-growing little one. Contains magnesium, prebiotics, probiotics, choline and vitamin b.

The NEW Friso Gold® Mum formula is also low in Glycemic Index (GI) to help pregnant mums maintain a healthy weight throughout their pregnancy. 

Friso Gold Mum Price

5. Enfamama Milk Booster

- Formulated to support the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating moms.

> 360° DHA Plus contains a unique blend of nutrients:
- 100mg DHA - Scientifically formulated to help meet expert recommended daily DHA intake.
- High in Folid Acid - Folid Acid is essential for growth and division of cells.
- High in Choline - Maternal milk with highest levels of Choline.
- Calcium - Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth.
- Vitamin D - Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus.
- Iron - Iron is a factor in red blood cell formation.
- Inulin - Prebiotic (inulin) helps increase intestinal bifidobacteria and helps maintain a good intestinal environment.

Enfamama Price

6. Wyeth ProMama

- Supports Gut Comfort with A2 Milk Protein and the Prebiotic Oligofuctose
- A2 Milk Protein is gentle on tummies. Studies shown individuals who consume A2 milk protein show less gastrointestinal discomfort.
- Supports Cognitive Development of Baby : Sphingomyelin, DHA & Choline
- Supports Growth & Development of Baby : High in Folic Acid, Calcium & Vitamin D
- 0% Sucrose

Wyeth Promama Price

7. Nestle Mom & Me Maternal Supplement

- Specially designed formulated milk drink that is packed with important nutrients and BL BIFIDUS® (Bifidobacterium lactis) for you and your child during pregnancy and lactation.

- Suitable as soon as you know that you are pregnant or when you start breastfeeding. By continuing to drink 2 glasses of MOM & ME throughout your pregnancy and the whole breastfeeding period, you provide your child with loving nutrition and protection right from day 1.

- Contains 20 Vitamins & Minerals including:

> Folic Acid 42% RNI1
   i.   Maintains growth & development of an unborn child
   ii.   Plays a role in the formation of red blood cells

> Calcium 54% RNI1 - To aid in building your child’s bones & teeth and to meet you own calcium needs

> Iron 43% RNI1,3+ - To support new red blood cells for both you & your child
> Vitamin A 33% RNI1 - For skin health and functioning of the eyes
> Vitamin C 79% RNI1 - For better absorption of iron from your foods
> BL BIFIDUS® probiotics - Beneficial, friendly bacteria
> DHA 87.6 mg per day1 - Is an important component of the brain

> Energy 12.5% RNI1,2 & Protein 25% RNI1
   i.   To meet the increased demands of pregnancy and breastfeeding
   ii.   To support your child’s growth & development

> DHA - An important component of the brain

Nestle Mom & Me Maternal Supplement

8. Nature One Dairy Pregnancy Formula

- For Pregnant and Lactating Mothers. 
- Provides nutritional care for mothers-to-be and is specially formulated with premium ingredients such as DHA, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, and calcium. 
- Good source of protein. 
- DHA is important for optimal infant brain and eye development. 
- Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects (NTDs), serious birth defects of the spinal cord and the brain. 
- Folic acid is also essential for the production, repair, and functioning of DNA, our genetic map and a basic building block of cells. 
- Contains milk, soy and fish.
- Halal Certified
- Manufacturer from Australia
- Made from grass fed cow's milk

Nature One Dairy Pregnancy Formula Price

9. Dumex Mamil Mama

- For pregnant & breastfeeding mothers.
- Made from milk produced by free roaming grass-fed cows. 
- No GMO and colourings
- Made in Europe
- Formulated with prebiotics (lcFOS)
- Supports good gut health and natural defences. 
- Provides a blend of more than 30 essential nutrients tailored to each stage of a child's key milestones.
- Also contains DHA, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron and other Essential Nutrients to support your foetus' growth and enhance your total well-being.

- Contains: Folic Acid: Supports foetus' growth and overall development. 
- Calcium: Helps to support development of strong bones and teeth. 
- Iron: Important component of red blood cells which carry oxygen to all parts of the body to help the body' production of energy.

Dumex Mamil Mama Price


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