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Pregnant and worried about the new coronavirus?

How the coronavirus spreads The virus spreads through respiratory droplets sent into the air when a person who has COVID-19 coughs or sneezes. It may also spread when someone touches a surface or object that has the virus on it, then touches their mouth, the inside of their nose, or their eyes. Current evidence suggests that the incubation period of the virus is anywhere from two to 14 days. It’s possible that someone could be infected but not have any symptoms (asymptomatic) and be able to spread the virus. Hand-washing, social distancing, and other ways to help prevent the spread of coronavirus What can I do to protect myself from catching the coronavirus? The most important step is to practice excellent hand hygiene by frequently washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, mouth, and nose. Public health officials urge people to tightly limit gatherings and to stay home as much as possible. Social distancing is importan

Where to Buy Surgical Masks and N95 Masks in Singapore?

Cases of  coronavirus  have been increasing across the world - and with the global death toll topping 2,800 and increasing every day, more people in Singapore are now choosing to cover their mouth and nose in public. It might be difficult to get N95 and surgical masks on the retail pharmacies (Watsons or Guardian). Several retail outlets ran out of both N95 masks and surgical masks on Friday (Jan 24), a day after  Singapore confirmed its first case  of the Wuhan virus on its shores. Most likely, you are doing your online research to find out where you could buy N95 masks online in Singapore. Updated: Here is a list of face masks that are available on Lazada Singapore. Do get them while stocks last. 1. 3ply Face Mask (surgical mask) Blue 40pcs SGD 39.90 online (Lazada) Chances of getting coronavirus: 6 times less likely than wearing no mask. If you are having trouble getting N95 mask online in Singapore, you might consider buying N95 mask in Malaysia

Cord Blood Banking in Singapore 2020: Cost and Reviews

If you are looking for cord blood banking in Singapore, you are in the right place.  Stem cells are the basis of bone marrow transplants, a technique used to treat diseases such as leukaemia for many decades. Since the first stem cell transplant in 1988 much attention has been focused on stem cell therapy and its potential applications. Stem cells are “naïve” cells – capable with the right stimuli to transform into other cells types found in the human body e.g. liver, skin, red blood cells. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are one of the most primitive types of cells in the body. Created during the earliest phases of development they have the potential, given the right stimuli, to become specialised cells such as red or white blood cells. It is these properties and the fact that the umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells that has prompted private companies to offer frozen storage of these cells from umbilical cord blood collected at birth. The umbilical cord bloods