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Best Liquid Cleanser for Baby Bottles Singapore 2022

Parents must unsure your babies safe by keeping their feeding tools and accessories are clean and free of harmful chemicals and odors. Washing them completely with the appropriate liquid cleanser can help to prevent the accumulation of milk protein residues, which can cause stomach distress in babies. Do you have trouble deciding which baby liquid cleaner to buy? Take a look at our list of the Best Liquid Cleanser for Baby Bottles in Singapore. 1. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser for Baby Bottle & Accessories A plant-based 100% food grade liquid cleanser effectively cleans nursing bottles, nipple, baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables. The easy rinse properties uses less water to rinse off and leaves no soapy residues behind. Less time and saves water on rinsing, good for the environment and safe for the baby! - ideal cleanser that safely cares for babies - 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety to babies, even with cleanser residue - cleans effectively, removing s

Best Vitamin C for Toddlers Singapore 2022

Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that is required for all body tissue growth, development, and repair. Vitamin C aids in the formation and maintenance of red blood cells, bones, and tissues. Moreover, it aids in the formation and strengthening of collagen in the bones, cartilage, muscles, and blood vessels and strengthens toddler’ immune system and helps to prevent infections. Vitamin C Deficiency in Toddlers In the United States, vitamin C deficiency is uncommon. The most common symptoms of vitamin C deficiency in children are musculoskeletal pain, petechiae/bruising, and gingival bleeding. Because the human body cannot generate or store vitamin C on its own, it is vital that your child gets enough of vitamin C. They can acquire all of the vitamin C they require through their daily diet, but some toddlers may not get enough due to some reasons. So, here are the best vitamin C supplements for toddlers! Best Vitamin C for Toddlers Singapore 1. Sambuco

Best Diaper Cake Shops in Singapore 2022

When it comes to baby showers, diaper cakes are one of the first things that come to mind as a baby gift or a unique piece of decoration that fits the occasion. It can be used not only as a one-of-a-kind decoration, but also as a practical gift (to assist new parents in caring for their newborn). There are lots of beautiful designs for diaper cakes, and we've compiled a list of the best diaper cake shops in Singapore so you can easily order them online! Best Diaper Cake Shops in Singapore 1. Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore Practical and stylish, fun and elegant, a diaper cake makes a perfect baby shower center piece, a gorgeous hospital gift, or a charming decoration for baby’s nursery. At Diaper Cakes Singapore, our cakes stand out because of our cute designs and one of a kind attractive packaging. We offer the free next day delivery and also same day delivery as well. Types of Diaper Cakes: a.  Mini Diaper Cakes (From $53) b.  1 Tier Diaper Cakes (From $79) c.  2 Tier Diaper Ca

Best Pregnancy Test Kits in Singapore 2022

Getting pregnant and caring for a growing baby inside you is a blessing. It can be one of the most beautiful and joyful moments of your life. Most women can't wait to take the test as soon as they notice signs of pregnancy. Before, people must go to the clinic to receive a pregnancy test, but now you can do the same from the comfort of your own home with a pregnancy test kit! Advantages of Home Pregnancy Test - The pregnancy tests are affordable. - The pregnancy tests are simple to use. - Home pregnancy tests provide results quickly. How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests? When used as directed, most at-home pregnancy tests are 97 percent to 99 percent accurate, according to the manufacturers. Positive results are reliable, although mistakenly negative outcomes might happen in very early pregnancy. Best Pregnancy Test Kits in Singapore 1. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kits 2 Pack  The only pregnancy test kits that tells you how many weeks! It's like 2 tests in 1- It frst dete

Best Diaper Cakes in Singapore 2022

Are you planning a gift for a baby shower you've been invited to? Or are you the shower's host and unsure what to present as the dessert table's centerpiece? If so, a diaper cake can be a wonderful gift! It's stocked with baby diapers and essentials like rompers, toys, bibs, socks, and blankets, much like a baby hamper, but it's made to look like a cake. Here are the best diaper cakes available in Singapore for baby girls and baby boys! Best Diaper Cakes in Singapore 1. Customized Diaper Cakes for Baby Girl * sweet pie bunny diaper cake Diaper Cakes - A fantastic gift idea for all baby girl occasions. You can choose a different soft toy. Available options: girl doll, sweet pie bunny, rainbow unicorn, princess mermaid, trendy bear, year of tiger girl. What's  Included ? - Soft toy  - Baby booties - Bibs (top up to romper @ $5) - Handkerchief - Mini decor - 15pcs Merries Diapers Size S - Packed in transparent gift box with fairy lights. - Gift card - Free adding b