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8 Swim Diapers Singapore 2021

What is a Swim Diaper? Swim diapers are designed to contain poop while the baby is underwater. It does not prevent pee from spreading in the water, and there is still a risk of runny poop spreading in the pool. They can usually be worn under swimsuits.  Types of Swim Diapers A. Disposable Swim Diapers Pros : Easy to buy, easy to dispose Cons : Not environmentally friendly B. Reusable Pull Up Diapers / Snap On Diapers Pros : Easy to wear, doubles as a training pants, environmentally friendly Cons : More laundry, Have to carry wet diaper around after swimming, If the baby poops in the diaper, taking it off may get messy Difference Between Swim Diapers and Regular Diapers Regular diapers absorb every drop of moisture it comes into contact with. These diapers will quickly swell up as they absorb pool water which will make it incredibly bulky and hard to move in. Can I Wear A Diaper Under A Swim Diaper? It is not advised to wear a regular diaper underwater as it will still absorb the pool w