Pampers Singapore - Price and Reviews 2024

Pampers Singapore - Price and Reviews 2024

Pampers Singapore - Price and Reviews 2023

Pampers is one of the most used newborn diapers in hospitals.

- American Brand
- 2 Million Pampers Diapers are tested every year by doctors and parents
- Follows Rigorous Quality Control Procedures for Assured Quality

Pampers Singapore Ingredients

Pampers does not add the following harmful chemicals to their diapers..
> Formaldehyde, Parabens, Pesticide Residue, Disperse Dye
> Natural Rubber Latex, PVC
> Elemental Chlorine Bleaching
> Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Phenol, PVC
> Alcohol / Ethanol

Product Line

i. Pampers Premium Care Tape - Hypoallergenic, has wetness indicators, more breathable than Baby Dry / SGD24

ii.  Pampers Overnight Pants - Pants only, for overnight use, premium version of baby dry /
SGD16 - SGD18

iii. Pampers Baby Dry - Better for day use / SGD23 - SGD24.50

iv. Pampers Aircon Pants - Pants only, focuses on breathability, sells in cartons / SGD79 for 3 packs

v. Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers / SGD32.90

vi. Pampers Skin Luxe Pants - Made with Mulberry Silk for extra softness / SGD20.70

1. Pampers Premium Care 

a. Pampers Premium Care Tape Diapers

- New & Improved Pampers Premium Care Taped is made of the Best in Class materials, 100% sourced from Japan. 

- Give baby's skin the ultimate protection with our cotton-like material and shea butter-infused lotion to shield from wetness. 

- No nasties like latex, perfumes or parabens added

- Made with our Best in Class Materials, 100% sourced from Japan

- No1 brand in Japan, No1 Recommended by Hospitals in JapanNew! Shea-butter infused lotion to shield baby's skin away from wetness and overhydration

- New! Softer and silkier topsheet made of cotton-like material360-degree breathability

- 360-degree leakage protection

Pampers Premium Care Tape Diapers Sizes

Size NB - New Born - 70s x 3 packs
Size S - Small - Suitable for 4-8 kg - 64s x 3 packs 
Size M - Medium - Suitable for 6-11 kg - 52s x 3 packs 
Size L - Large - Suitable for 9-14 kg - 42s x 3 packs

Pampers Premium Care Tape Diapers Price

b. Pampers Premium Care Pants

- Pampers Premium Care pants provides 5-stars skin protection to give your baby perfect fit and comfortable dryness throughout the day. 

- New improved Silky Softness keeps your baby's skin feeling soft and smooth. 

- Comfort fit revolution S-Curve on the side fits your baby comfortably no matter how your baby moves during day or night. 

- Unique Lotion Sheet wraps baby's skin gently. 

- 360-degrees fresh air breathability to keep your baby's skin feeling fresh.

Pampers Premium Care Pants Sizes

Size M - Medium - Suitable for 6-10 kg - 44s x 3 packs
Size L - Large - Suitable for 9-14 kg - 34s x 3 packs
Size XL - Extra Large - Suitable for 12-22 kg - 36s x 3pks
(NEW) Size XXL - Suitable for >15 Kg - 30pcs x 3packs

(NEW) Size L (Jumbo Pack) - Suitable for 9-14 Kg - 48 pcs x 3 packs
(NEW) Size XL (Jumbo Pack) - Suitable for 12-22 Kg - 46 pcs x 3 packs

Pampers Premium Care Pants Price

2. Pampers Overnight Pants

- A whole night of good sleep awaits for baby. 

- 1 Pampers Overnight Pants = 1 dry night. 
- To guarantee all-night protection, Pampers has a unique 360-degree flexi-fit belt.
- Our 3 magic gel channels absorb pee instantly providing extra protection from leakage. 
- Meanwhile, Overnight humidity ventilation technology helps keep baby cool, comfortable, and dry. 
- Pampers is dedicated to baby’s happy and healthy development — starting with a full night’s good sleep!

- The FIRST EVER Pampers Overnight Pants, now in Singapore!Absorbs up to 1 night's worth of pee with its front-to-back absorbency.
- Overnight Humidity Ventilation Technology: super soft, breathable material to keep baby's skin fresh and dry.
- Unique 360-degree gentle belt fit + protection to prevent any leakage
- Extra Protection from leakage with leakguards and triple absorb layers, making every night worry-free.

Pampers Overnight Pants Price

3. Pampers Baby Dry

a. Pampers Baby Dry Tape Diapers

- Quality diapers made in Japan!

- Up to 12 hours of skin dryness with even absorption of wetness via Magic Gel Channels

- Breathable dry – Allows air flow to skin even when diaper is wet

- Topsheet with lotion helps prevent diaper rash amidst Singapore’s humidity

- 2x Stretchy Tapes - Gently hugs baby for best fit, ease of diaper change for parent and baby

- Leakguard helps prevent leakage for up to 12 hours

- Urine Indicator - Yellow line turns blue to help you know baby has peed
- Quality diapers for uninterrupted sleep for your toddlers

- Up to 12 hours of skin dryness with even absorption of wetness via Magic Gel Channels

- Breathable dry – allows air flow to skin even when diaper is wet

- Thin with comfort fit in Singapore’s humid weather

- Stretchy Waistband - gently hugs your baby for best fit, easy pull up for parents and baby

- Leakguard helps prevent leakage for up to 12 hours

- Soft Cottony Cover – protects your baby’s skin in comfort

Pampers Baby Dry Pants Price

4. Pampers Aircon Pants 

- All day breathability : Comes with 10 million breathable microholes
- 3 Way Adaptive Fit for leakage protection
- Up to 12 hours of dryness
- No sagging for all day comfort and free movement
- Sizes : M to XL

Pampers Aircon Pants Price

5. Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers

- Perfect for the beach, pool, or any water activity
- Protects while they play with 360 degree Gap-Free Fit waistband
- Doesn’t swell in water like regular diapers for comfy water wear
- Contains mess with Dual Leak-Guard Barriers for worry-free water play
- Easy to take off when wet with Easy-Tear Sides
- Sold per piece on Shopee, not per pack

Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers Price

6. Pampers Skin Luxe Pants

Wrap your baby in Luxurious Silky Softness with Pampers Skin Luxe Pants! 

Made with real, natural mulberry silk materials to tenderly embrace your baby's delicate skin. Pampers Skin Luxe Pants come with a unique cocoon like fit, that ensures never-seen-before comfort, along with a leaf-vein topsheet that allows your baby's skin to breathe freely. 

Bring home the luxurious silky soft Pampers Skin Luxe Pants for a revolutionary diapering experience from Pampers!

- 1st Time Ever! Made with Real, Natural Mulberry Silk, a material so exquisite and as fine as 1/2 a baby's hair

- New! Cocoon Like Fit that carefully embraces your baby's bum, providing comfort like-never-before!

- New! Patented Leaf-Vein Topsheet that allows air to pass freely to your baby's skin and even expels stuffy heat

- Superior Pampers Absorption with more than 10,000+ micro-pores for instant dryness!

- Gift your baby a comfortable, restful sleep with Pampers Skin Luxe Pants

- Intricately designed by renowned international artists - a masterpiece from Pampers, for your baby

Pampers Skin Luxe Pants Price


1. How to Buy Baby Diapers

Most newborns gain about 3 pounds during the first month and babies born with a higher birth weight tend to skip this diaper size altogether. Therefore, there's no point stockpiling on size NB.

You can always start small. Try stockpiling no larger than size 1, just in case you don’t like the first brand you try.

Once you get a feel for fit, cost, brand, and size, go ahead and purchase more — up to an entire year’s worth or more of diapers. Keep in mind your own baby’s weight and rate of gain when planning. Never pay full price for diapers unless it’s an emergency (more on saving on diapers below).

Keep in mind that different brands may work better or worse for different babies, so be open to trying a few different diapers before you decide on the right ones for you. Sometimes a diaper that costs a little more is a better fit and works better, making it worth the extra money.

2. How Often Should You Change Your Baby's Diaper?

Change your newborn’s diaper every two to three hours, or as needed, according to experts. Because if the diaper isn’t changed frequently, the baby is at risk of developing skin rashes, infections, and a variety of other health problems.

3. Diaper Rash

a. What is diaper rash

Diaper rash is a common type of inflamed skin (dermatitis) that appears on your baby’s bottom as a patchwork of bright red skin. Wet or infrequently changed diapers, skin sensitivity, and chafing are all common causes of diaper rash.

b. What causes diaper rash

Diaper rash can be caused by a variety of factors. Diaper rash can occur when a new food is introduced into your child’s diet. It could also be the result of a new laundry detergent or bath product. 

Diaper rash can also occur when a child’s diaper is not changed frequently enough or caused by antibiotics your child is taking. Additionally, diapers or wipes that aren’t compatible with your child’s skin may be the reason of their diaper rash.

c. How to treat diaper rash

Know the Cause
If the cause is a lack of hygiene, you should change your child’s diaper on a regular basis, making sure to thoroughly clean the baby’s bottom with a wipe or wet washcloth after each change. Then, apply a thin layer of diaper rash ointment to your baby’s bum to keep moisture at bay.

If your baby’s skin is really sensitive, it is best to use a diaper designed for sensitive skin. Change your child’s diaper frequently to avoid diaper rash in the future — moisture trapped on your child’s skin for an extended period of time can be quite harmful.

If it is due to a yeast infection. This will take a week or two of daily application of anti-fungal cream. Always make sure that your baby’s bottom is dry and clean while you’re treating them.

d. What to know about diaper rash

Diaper rash is frequently caused by a skin irritation caused by too much moisture in the diaper. The best way to solve this problem is to keep your baby’s bottom dry.

For heavy wetter, do not change diapers too soon because if your baby sitting in a lot of moisture for long periods that can cause rashes. 

It is also critical to avoid using any petroleum-based products on your baby’s sensitive skin because they cause too many dry spots, which can worsen the condition or cause more frequent flare-ups. Vaseline, Icy Hot, and Aquafor are examples of such products.

4. How Do I Keep My Diaper From Leaking?

a. Adjust the Diaper : Make sure the diaper is worn properly and tightly

b. Change your diapers right before bedtime to reduce bedtime leaking

c. Use Overnight Diapers : The usual disposable diaper is designed primarily for daytime use. It can last a few hours between changes but may not make it for a 10-12 hour stretch. 

Overnight diapers are designed for the overnight hours. They’re constructed with extra absorbency and can keep the baby dry for up to 12 hours. They’re bulkier than normal diapers but are still comfortable and leave plenty of room for movement.

If you’re noticing that your baby is soaked every morning, switching to overnight diapers could be your first move. 

d. Add a Diaper Liner : If overnight diapers are not enough, you can try adding an additional diaper liner inside the diaper for additional absorbency. Pay attention to where your baby is always leaking : the front or the back. Then add the liner on whichever side is always wet in the morning.

In this article, we will list down some of the best leak proof diapers available in Singapore.

5. Other Diaper Tips

a. Check for proper fit

When you change your baby’s diaper, check to see if the fit is too small by looking for red marks where the elastic was fastened. You also want to make sure it’s not too big, which might lead to leakage.

The top of the diaper should fit right under the belly button, give your baby’s bum full coverage, and when fastened, the tabs should not overlap nor cause redness around the waist.

b. Check the cuffs

When using disposable diapers, make sure the cuffs around the leg openings are out, and not tucked in. Tucked in cuffs can cause leakage down the leg.

c. Use swim diapers

Regular disposable diapers are not designed to be worn while swimming. When submerged, these diapers will become water logged leaving them unable to absorb additional liquids and falling off your baby with the extra water weight.

For the health and safety of fellow swimmers (as well as to avoid an embarrassing situation) make sure that your little one is in a swim diaper in the pool, lake, or ocean.

d. Consider diaper booster pads

While many diaper brands do not begin offering overnight diapers until size 3, you can purchase overnight diaper booster pads to place inside your child’s diaper if they’re sleeping long chunks of time and peeing through their diaper before they wake and aren’t yet ready for size 3.

That way you won’t have to decide between the equally awful choices of waking a sleeping baby to change their diaper or washing piles of urine soaked pajamas and bedding!

e. Start small

You may want to begin with only a small amount of diapers. As you get a feel for how quickly your child is growing and going through diapers, you’ll be able to better determine how many diapers in a particular size you’ll need.

f. Prevent leaks

If your baby has a penis, make sure it’s pointed downward into the new diaper when you are fastening it. This will help prevent urine from leaking up and out of the diaper. Pro tip: You’ll probably want to cover the penis when performing diaper changes, too!

g. Plan for the newborn stage

Some people choose to use disposable diapers on their newborn because of the extra work in cleaning cloth diapers so frequently. However, for some newborns, cloth diapers can actually fit better. Since they are able to adjust more specifically around the legs, it can mean fewer leaks and wet clothing.

h. Consider the environment

Regular disposable diapers are not biodegradable, since they include certain plastic and synthetic fibers. If you choose to use special compostable diapers, you can’t just add them to your normal compost pile! Make sure to follow directions for appropriate disposal.

i. Donate extra diapers

If you think you’re going to have another child, go ahead and hang onto any extra diapers. Disposable diapers (open and unopened) have no expiration date. However, manufacturers do suggest using up diapers within 2 years of purchase though as the coloring, absorption, and elasticity may suffer over time.

Otherwise, it would be great to donate any extra diapers to a friend, church, food bank, child care center, or other nonprofit organization taking diaper donations versus throwing them out in a landfill.

Diaper Brands in Lazada

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- Fashionable Cloth Diapers and Swim Diapers

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Biba Fashionable Diapers - Lazada / Product Guide

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Charnins / Tape Diapers, Pull Up Diapers, Swim Diapers - Lazada

Drypers - Lazada / Product Guide
Skinature / Drypers Touch / Wee Wee Dry / Drypantz / Classic

GOO.N - Lazada

Huggies - Lazada / Product Guide
Black Label Little Penguin (Softness) / Platinum Naturemade / Gold Airsoft / Silver / GoodNites / Little Swimmer

Mamypoko - Lazada / Product Guide
Extra Dry + Anti Mosquito (Absorbs more and thicker) / Air Fit (Thin and soft) / Natural (Organic) / Standard / Kids Pants for Night Time / Royal Soft / Preemie

Merries - Lazada

Moo Moo Kow (Cloth Diapers) - Lazada

Moony - Lazada / Product Guide
Similar brand as Mamypoko - Natural (Organic) / Airfit / Swim Pants

Nepia / Genki - Lazada

Nuby Swimming Diapers - Lazada

Offspring - Lazada
Organic, chlorine free - Fashion Diapers / Ultra Thin Diapers / Newborn Diapers

Pampers - Lazada / Product Guide
Premium Care (Hypoallergenic) / Overnight Pants / Baby Dry (Better for day use) / Aircon Pants (Breathable) / Swim Diapers

Pee-Ka-Poo - Lazada 

Rascal and Friends - Lazada

Tollyjoy Gauze Napkins - Lazada


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