10 Best UHT Milk for Toddlers Singapore 2023

After your child turns 1, you can begin introduce full cream milk in his diet. Full cream milk can be UHT (Ultra Heat Treated), pasteurised cow's milk, or powdered for your toddler.

Ultra Heat Treatment Milk is a commonly used technique in the processing of milk by milk production facilities to ensure the food safety of the milk. In the UHT process, milk is exposed to ultra heat for a short time so as to kill off any unwanted and harmful bacteria that may be present in raw milk, yet still retaining its nutritional content.

Moreover, the higher temperatures that are used in this process also help to ensure that milk is shelf-stable when packaged. This allows the finished product to be kept in its sealed and unopened packaging at ambient room temperature for extended periods of time.

UHT milk benefits

a. Extended Shelf life
Milk that has been ultra pasteurized (UHT) is known to last far longer than regular milk. UHT milk that comes in airtight packaging has a shelf life of 6 to 9 months.

b. Safer Than Untreated Milk
The higher temperatures that are used in this process destroys the heat-resistant bacteria in your milk, which makes UHT milk safer for your kids to consume.

c. High Nutritional Value
Highly beneficial for your health, UHT milk is loaded with essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, riboflavin, vitamins A and B12. (Source

What type of milk should I give my toddler?

Toddlers less than two years of age should have full cream milk. After two years of age, children can drink either full fat or reduced-fat milk with the rest of the family. (Source) Because toddlers have very high energy requirements and should not be taking low-fat or skimmed milk

1. Devondale UHT Full Cream Milk 1L

Devondale UHT Full Cream Milk 1L

Natural dairy goodness for the whole family. 100% pure full cream milk. It is the ultimate option for convenience, stays farm fresh for up to 9 months and is free from preservatives.

Nutritious & Delicious:
It’s no secret that milk is a great source of calcium, but you might not have realised it’s also packed with 10 essential nutrients. Others include vitamin A, vitamin B12, iodine, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, carbohydrate and high quality protein. Drink up!

Price on Lazada: SGD 2.42 > Buy on Lazada

2. Devondale UHT Skim Milk 1L - Extra Light 99.9%Fat Free Skim Milk 

Devondale UHT Skim Milk 1L - Extra Light 99.9% Fat Free Skin Milk

All the goodness without the fat — this one's 99.9% fat free. It is the ultimate option for convenience, stays farm fresh for up to 9 months and is free from preservatives.

Search on Amazon.sg

2i. Devondale UHT Full Cream Milk 1L vs Devondale UHT Skim Milk 1L

Devondale UHT Skim Milk (Per 100ml)
Energy 140 kJ (33 Cal)
Protein, TOTAL 3.3 g
Gluten 0 g
Fat, TOTAL 0.1 g
Fat, Saturated 0.1 g
Carbohydrate 4.6 g
Sugars (g) 4.6 g
Sodium 45 mg
Calcium 115 mg

Devondale UHT Full Cream Milk (Per 100ml)
Energy 269 kJ (64 Cal)
Protein, TOTAL3 .3 g
Gluten 0 g
Fat, TOTAL 3.4 g
Fat, Saturated 2.3 g
Carbohydrate 5.1 g
Sugars (g) 5.1 g
Sodium 50 mg
Calcium 120 mg

3. Cowhead UHT Lactose Free Milk - For Easy Digestion

Cowhead UHT Lactose Free Milk - For Easy Digestion

UHT processed to maintain long life and retain the qualities and flavours of milk. No preservatives.

99.9% Lactose Free
From Natural Fresh Milk
Product of New Zealand.

Price on Lazada: SGD 3.55 > Buy on Lazada

Price on Shopee: SGD 27.90 for one carton / 12x1L > Buy on Shopee

4. Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk

Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk

Dutch Lady Organic Milk, the most pure and natural product produced in a fully controlled organic process. Our organic cows eat natural, grass-based 100 - Percent organic diet. No artificial, no GMO and Chemical fertilizers are used on our grasses.

Dutch Lady organic milk is certified by European standard and imported from Holland. Dutch Lady is a brand of FrieslandCampina. FrieslandCampina is one of the world's largest dairy co-operatives, with over 140 years of dairy farming heritage.

Price on Lazada: SGD 2.53 for 1L > Buy on Lazada

Price on Shopee: SGD 10 for 6x200ml > Buy on Shopee

5. Cowhead UHT Pure Milk 1L - Full Cream

Cowhead UHT Pure Milk 1L

Origin: Australia
100% natural and fresh cow milk.
Full cream milk.
Minimum 32% fat
UHT processed to maintain long life and retain the qualities and flavor of milk.

Nutrition: Energy, protein, trans and saturated fats, sodium, calcium, dietary fibre, cholesterol, carbohydrate.

Price on Lazada: SGD 3.00 > Buy on Lazada

Price on Shopee: SGD 2.00 > Buy on Shopee

6. Marigold Full Cream UHT Milk

Marigold Full Cream UHT Milk

Marigold Full Cream UHT Milk is enriched with calcium and protein, and has a unique BonePlus formulation that provides Vitamin D + Ca. 

It has no preservatives and is the ideal nutritious drink for the whole family. 

Price on Lazada: SGD 2.90 - Buy on Lazada

Price on Shopee: SGD 2.90 > Buy on Shopee

7. Farmhouse Fresh UHT Milk

Farmhouse Fresh UHT Milk - 100% Fresh Milk

F&N Farmhouse Fresh UHT Milk is made of 100% fresh Australian milk. It is a naturally great tasting and wholesome choice, and is rich is essential nutrients. 

It is a good source of calcium, which helps to build and support strong teeth and bones, and protein, which helps in tissue building and growth.

Price on Lazada: SGD 2.32 - Buy on Lazada

Price on Shopee: SGD 2.30 > Buy on Shopee

8. Living Planet Organic Dairy Milk Full Cream

Living Planet Full Cream Organic Dairy Milk

Our cows are not treated with growth hormones and they are fed an organic vegetarian diet. They are free to wander the paddocks, and always have a plentiful supply of fresh clean water. No artifical chemicals, no colouring, no permeate, no pesticides, no preservatives, non gmo

- 100-percent certified organic ingredients
- non GMO
- no artificial chemicals, no pesticides
- no colorings, no preservatives
- no permeate content in dairy milk

Price on Lazada: SGD 3.69 > Buy on Lazada

Price on Shopee: SGD 9.22 > Buy on Shopee

9. Anchor Full Cream New Zealand UHT Milk

Anchor Full Cream New Zealand UHT Milk

Anchor is made with 100-percent Fresh Milk from New Zealand! Our full cream milk has a creamy, full bodied taste and contains the goodness of milk, including Protein and Calcium. 

Fonterra is a cooperative owned by dairy farmers for the benefit of dairy farmers. Our farmers draw on more than 100 years of generational dairy expertise to produce some of the highest quality milk in the world. 

Our commitment to quality ensures that your favourite Anchor UHT Full Cream Milk meets the highest standards of safety and integrity. We see the natural potential in everything for Anchor UHT Milk.

Price on Amazon.sg: SGD 28.00 for one carton /12x1L - Buy on Amazon.sg

10. PAULS ZYMIL Lactose Free Full Cream UHT Milk

Pauls Zymil Lactose Free Full Cream Milk

Pauls Zymil Full Cream UHT milk is lactose free, which is simply milk that is easy to digest.
- Lactose free, easier to digestGood source of calcium
- Source of protein
- Gluten free
- Permeate free
- Made with 100% Australian milk

Price on Lazada: SGD 3.59 > Buy on Lazada

Price on Shopee: SGD 2.85 > Buy on Shopee


1. Fresh Milk vs UHT Milk

As for fresh and UHT milk, medical experts say the difference between the two is minimal. Both types of milk are pasteurised – heat-treated to destroy pathogens and bacteria.

The difference is in the way and temperature at which this process is done.

Dr Han Wee Meng, head of nutrition and dietetics at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, says: “Both fresh and UHT milk are equally recommended for children. The choice depends on individual taste preferences and practical considerations.”

She adds that pasteurisation does not significantly alter the nutritional composition of the milk, in terms of energy, protein, calcium and phosphorous content.

While some vitamins may be lost, additional nutrients may sometimes be added back into the milk after pasteurisation. (Source)

2. When can I introduce low-fat milk to my baby?

After the age of two, parents can switch their children to low-fat milk.

However, if there is a concern about the child's growth and development, therefore it is still recommended for parents to continue to feed their children full-cream milk because it provides extra energy.

All Milk Brands in Shopee Singapore

All Infant Formulas 

All Milk Formulas for 1 Year Old and Above

Anmum / Materna for pregnant mums, Lacta for breastfeeding mums, Essential Stage 3 and 4 Toddler Formula

Bellamy's Milk Formula Singapore / Organic, Stage 1 to 4, Pregnancy Milk

Bubs Organic Milk Formula Singapore / Organic, Grass fed or goat milk options, Stage 1 to 3

- Gentlease for digestion problems / Post discharge for newborns 
- Enfamil AR (anti regurgitation) for acid reflux and spit up
-  Lactofree lactose free / Nutramigen hypoallergenic lactose free

Enfagrow Milk Formula Singapore / Stage 3 to Stage 5, Has Gentlease Option

Dutch Lady / 123, 456, Maxgro

- Comfort Next for constipation / AR thickened formula to reduce spit up 
- HA hydrolyzed formula for cow's milk protein allergy / Has Frisomum pregnancy and lactation formula

Holle Milk Formula Singapore / Organic + Organic Goat Milk Option, Stage 1 to 3

HIPP Milk Formula Singapore / Organic, Combiotik option has prebiotics, Stage 1 to 4

Isomil Milk Formula Singapore / Soy Formula, Stage 1 and Stage 3

Karihome Milk Formula Singapore / Goat milk, Stage 1 to 4 

Kendamil Milk Formula Singapore / Organic + Goat Milk Option, Stage 1 to 3

Nature One Dairy Milk Formula Singapore / Standard, Premium (More DHA, ARA, GOS, Lutein) and Organic Formulas, Stage 1 to 4, + Pregnancy formula

Nestle Nan / Optipro, Supremepro, HA (Hypoallergenic), Sensitive, Lactose free

Pediasure Milk Formula Singapore / For children 1-12 years old, Has sucrose free option

Wyeth S26 Milk Formula Singapore / Stage 1 to 4, Ascenda for growth (1 to 7 years old)

Similac Milk Formula Singapore / Total Comfort for sensitive stomachs, RS for anti regurgitation, Neosure for premature babies, Has organic option, Stage 1 to 4


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