Gynae (Obstetricians) Reviews in Singapore by Hospital in 2023

Looking for reviews on the cyber-world before we make any decision, has been the integral part of our decision making nowadays. Unfortunately, the Google search results are mixed with irrelevant and advertorial results with biased reviews. In this post, we have found and compiled a list of relevant consumer reviews on Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Singapore.

If you have not read our practical guide, check out: how do you choose a gynae in Singapore.

The challenge here is most of the reviews from parenting forums are outdated and have low participation from their communities. We have sifted through the forums and listed some of the reviews that we hope might be useful for your decision making. 

Gynae (Obstetricians) Reviews in Singapore by Hospital in 2023

If you are trying to look for raving reviews on your gynaecologist, you've come to the right place. The gynae reviews have been categorised by hospital. Here is the list.

KKH Gynae Reviews

a. Dr. Manisha Mathur Reviews from KKH

- dr manisha mathur! she's deputy head! really chill, if you're healthy and well she'll tell u no need see her so often. she gives enough multivitamins and doesn't rush during consultation. encourages u to walk a lot but ask u to listen to ur body. I'm due mid Oct. Met her at 13w, all was well she said come back at 20w for follow up.

- Dr mathur is very good. Strongly recommended. I had kkh private gynae package with her last 9months. Had my baby on 25th jan. Let me know if you have any further questions.
- Dr. Mathur is fantastic. She listen very patiently and has a lot of empathy

b. Any recommended/good experienced gynae in KKH?

Dr John Tee - Appointment with prof Tee is short and sweet.
Dr Tan Heng Hao
Dr Tan Kim Teng
Dr June tan - My first gynae was Dr june tan. She is nice but the waiting time was hell.
Dr Tan Kai Lit - He's patient & will explain things.
Dr Pamela Tan
Dr Shephali
Dr Jerry Chan
Dr Han How Chuan


c. Reviews for Dr Liu Shuling from KKH

- Dr Liu is a very nice doctor.. Very encouraging and assuring doctor. I have been seeing her since last year for my ivf and is still seeing her currently till my 20 weeks as I intended to deliver in private hospital instead. Otherwise, I would definitely stick with her =)
- Dr Liu is so far so good, reasonable. Baby has arrived already. Any doubts you can always ask her, like how I discussed about the scan reviews at ADC with her. She is opened to discussion.


d. June 2014 - Dr Lee Jiah Min Review

Dr Lee Jiah Min operated my wife who had Scar ectopic pregnancy on 3/11/2014. Prior to the surgery i was very skeptical about the operation. I was told that surgeries usually have the danger of rupturing uterus and the patient might bleed sometimes even death. I was shit scared about the entire episode. Last few weeks had been very emotional for me. Thankfully Dr Lee agreed to operate my wife. She was so pleasant to talk to. She would explain things very patiently and at a very great detail. I was convinced that Dr Lee could handle my wife's situation. The operation lasted an hour and voila it was a success. I really thank Dr Lee from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend Dr Lee.

e. Highly recommended: Dr. Han How Chuan (KKH) by sfashion on Oct 2012

My husband did the gynae reservation for me because i was down with morning sickness last week. Since we are not familiar with gynaes at KKH, we were being referred to Dr. Han How Chuan. We trusted that they are giving us a wonderful gynae so we didn't ask more questions.
When we went for my first appointment, i find Dr. Han to be passionate in his field. He is a very patient doctor and very proud of his family of 7. Yes, you got it right. He's got 7 kids. Don't worry I'm shocked the first time I learned it too.
4 years after, we have 2 kids now all delivered by Dr. Han. We will still choose him if in the future we decided to go for baby #3.
What's your experience with Dr. Han?

f. Recommendation for female gynae in KKH

dr suzanna! and she’s good hence her slots are always fully booked. i agree with the other user, pls book her asap. i saw her on my 7th month too and saved abit of money during the first 6 months at sub route before seeing her as a pte patient ☺️

I am now a subsidised patient at KKH. I had my #1 with Dr Suzanna from KKH from TPS. However this time round her available date is in January and i am already 9 weeks.
Would like to know if any mummies out there could recommend me any female gynae? TIA!

Aug 26, 2015 by shorty313

Thomson Medical Centre Gynae Reviews

a. Reviews for Doctor Tan Kai Lit from TMC

We would recommend Dr Tan Kai Lit from Thomson Medical Centre. My pregnancies are managed by him, with 2 c sections.

He is a confident & assuring gynae with vast experiences and often share his knowledge with us. His recommendations are great when it comes to many different methods for test or solutions. For example, he would explain to us the different types of instrument & methods for testing Down syndrome during the first trimester, what are the risks and what are the advantages.

Dr Tan is patient towards answering our questions & doubts especially when we became new parents for my first pregnancy...

b. Reviews for Dr Pamela Tan from TMC

Who have done c sect before with Dr Pamela Tan from TMC? Hows the stitching skill and scar?
Doctor Pamela Tan from TMC is highly rated by her patients. She is known for her excellent surgical skills and has been successful in performing complex surgeries, including C-section stitching. She is also known for her excellent bedside manner and compassion towards her patients.
Source: The Asian Parent, 2022

I gave birth to twin girls in May this year and Dr. Pamela has been nothing but amazing throughout the entire journey. She was with us throughout our fertility and pregnancy journey and gave us the most professional care. She is brilliant in what she does and has a very caring attitude towards her patients. She is always calm and makes us feel calm too. I had a very smooth pregnancy and birth with no complaints whatsoever. Dr Pam played a huge role throughout my pregnancy and I couldn’t have asked for a better OB.

c. Dr. Benjamin Tham Reviews

- Delivered my girl and twins with Dr Ben Tham. He's friendly and won't over stress the Mummy. -
- I had Dr. Tham for my first baby. Such a friendly doc. I know that most women prefer to have a female gynae because it has been inherent to us that only women can understand pregnancy but Dr. Tham has amazing understanding about pregnant women. Well, of course they have been trained through their experiences plus they have studied all about it but i find it uncanny to have Dr. Tham so natural. He is kind and gentle. Very professional too. If you think you won't mind talking about your condition to a male gynae then Dr. Tham is perfect for you. Just like he was for me. -
- He has been the doctor that the recent motherhood forums been raving all about. And yes, he did not disappoint us. We felt that he is a very kind doctor and we felt that we are able to trust him. He is very patient as well in explaining everything to us, even apologies to me as he knows he is pressing my tummy a little harder so to firm up the image. Something i like about Dr. Tham's clinic is that we are able to get all images of our scans as long as we provide the thumb-drive for them to copy for us. -

d. Jan 2019: September 2019 Mummies

- Not too sure about NUH and TMC but read about the following doctors from these 2 clinics on forums:
NUH - Biswas, Vanaja, Mahesh Choolani
TMC - Benjamin Tham, SF Loh, Eunice Chua
Ref: singaporemotherhood

Dr Sim Lee Ngor Review
- v experienced and good stitching skills.
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood

Dr Adelina Wong Reviews:
- I'm with Dr Adelina Wong. She is very assuring and will answer all your worries and doubt. Never feel any rush and she'll explains details with you. The down side is no package.
- I was under Adelina Wong. She is good, patient and soft spoken. Her stitches skill is good, my scar just one fine line.Just that she is not offering any package and most of gynae from TMC also not offering anymore.
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood

Dr Eunice Chua Review:
- Hi, you can try my gynae.. Dr Eunice Chua from TLC (clinic based in tmc)... Very nice and patient lady... She cared for me during my polyps removal in 2013 and 2 miscarriages (2013 & 2015) before finally conceiving my current (Edd mid Jan)... She is also the gynae for my 2 cousins (elder cousins had 3 kids by her and 1 younger one just deliver in apr 2016)... She saved my younger cousin with her experience.. So I would highly recommend her.. 
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood

Dr Ong Xiaohui Review
- dr ong xiaohui delivered my baby. she used to be kk gyne but now in tmc. her clinic offers pkg <1k. her waiting is not so long also altho is best you book appt with her clinic. very nice & frenly doc!
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood

Mount Alvernia Gynae Reviews

a. Dr Dolly Wee Review

- i think she's good and to my 'taste' coz she is motherly and yah she is very honest with her answers to your questions. Like she told me milk is over-rated coz it makes you put on weight ...hahha..she says as long as i have a balanced diet and take supplements, i should be good to go..and stuff like that. i think she does deliver at gleneagles. i know she does deliver at Mt A as well....she delivered all my friends' children.. :)
Ref: mummysg, 2011

- Recommend Dr Dolly Wee from Mount Elizabeth. Very experienced and patient, and has a sense of homour.- She delivers at Mount Alvernia as well.
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood 

b. Dr Goh Shen Li Reviews

- I was highly recommended to Dr Goh Shen li but she practices in Mount A only.
- I'm seeing Dr Goh Shen Li at Mt Alvernia. Friendly and reassuring female gynea. Good experience so far =) Her package starts from wk 14 at $1100 (exclude gst) for 10 visits. You can call up her clinic to confirm price again.
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood

c. Dr Cathryn Chan Review

- Does delivery at both Mount Alvernia and Mount E Novena. She delivered both my girls. Always long queue at her clinic. A very steady gynae who is patient and caring.  In my latest delivery (10 days back), she managed to retrieve my separated placenta which was a total relief.
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood

d. Dr Joycelyn Wong reviews

Dr. Joycelyn Wong is a very patient and caring doctor. - TheAsianParent
– She always takes the time to answer each of her patients’ concerns in an assuring manner.– Her stitches for Caesarean Mums were superbly done and practically invisible to the naked eye.– Because many women love Dr. J Wong, expect a long queue at her clinic. - TheAsianParent
- Dr Joycelyn Wong Sook Min Review 2019; She delivered both my kids. Very friendly and does not rush through consultation. Very good stitching skill for both my natural birth. Very encouraging Dr during the labour process. Seeing her there is a calming effect.
Treatment Cost : $10,000 - DoctorxDentist

e. Dr. Lim Yuin Wen Review

- I'm seeing her for my second pregnancy. Many of my friends are with her and we all find her experienced and steady. She is very professional and plays safe in her decisions.She did a C-sec for me and when she held my hand in the operating theatre, I was filled with assurance and know that I'm in good hands.
Ref: SingaporeMotherhood

Wrapping It Up

Too many choices? If you are still confused and overwhelmed, check out our practical guide: how do you choose a gynae in Singapore.

All the best and please feel free to share.

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