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MBBS (Singapore) 1990,
MRCOG (UK) 1997,
MMED(O&G) (Singapore) 1997,
MRACOG (Australia) 1997,
FAMS (Singapore) 2002


Address: 339 THOMSON ROAD
#01 – 01 Singapore 307677


Dr Ben graduated from University of Singapore in 1990. He worked in Alexandra Hospital (AH) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) during his housemanship year. He undertook his postgraduate training in the Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH), and obtained his specialist degrees in 1997. He subsequently joined the Department of Oncology & Urology and was sent for overseas training with Medical Research Council (MRC), University of Sheffield and Northern General Hospital in the UK for pre-invasive / oncologic gynecological conditions and cancer trials.

During his 15 years of practice in KK Hospital, Dr Ben served as the head of 24 hrs Women's clinic, Deputy Head of the General O&G Unit, Consultant in Gynaecological Cancer unit, Consultant colposcopist for Gynaecologic Cancer Centre and Visiting Consultant to Changi General Hospital.

He had been awarded numerous Service from the Heart awards for exemplary service to patients and won the coveted KKH CEO Heart award in 2009. He also received Excellent Service (EXSA) Gold & STAR Award launched by SPRING Singapore.

Dr Benjamin Tham Reviews 2019:

Jan 2019: September 2019 Mummies
Not too sure about NUH and TMC but read about the following doctors from these 2 clinics on forums:
NUH - Biswas, Vanaja, Mahesh Choolani
TMC - Benjamin Tham, SF Loh, Eunice Chua

Mar 2016 - Any review on Dr. Benjamin Tham?
Delivered my girl and twins with Dr Ben Tham. He's friendly and won't over stress the Mummy.

Review: Dr. Benjamin Tham Wai Lum (KKH/TMC)

I had Dr. Tham for my first baby. Such a friendly doc. I know that most women prefer to have a female gynae because it has been inherent to us that only women can understand pregnancy but Dr. Tham has amazing understanding about pregnant women. Well, of course they have been trained through their experiences plus they have studied all about it but i find it uncanny to have Dr. Tham so natural. He is kind and gentle. Very professional too.
If you think you won't mind talking about your condition to a male gynae then Dr. Tham is perfect for you. Just like he was for me.

Gynae visit : Dr. Benjamin Tham @ TMC
Second appointment to see gynae and we booked Dr Benjamin Tham. He has been the doctor that the recent motherhood forums been raving all about. And yes, he did not disappoint us. We felt that he is a very kind doctor and we felt that we are able to trust him. He is very patient as well in explaining everything to us, even apologies to me as he knows he is pressing my tummy a little harder so to firm up the image. Something i like about Dr. Tham's clinic is that we are able to get all images of our scans as long as we provide the thumb-drive for them to copy for us.

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