Best Baby Formula for Babies that Throw Up in Singapore 2022

It's normal for babies and children to vomit occasionally. Vomiting occurs when the abdominal muscles and diaphragm contract vigorously while the stomach is relaxed. This reflex action is triggered by the "vomiting center" in the brain after it has been stimulated by:

- Nerves from the stomach and intestine when the gastrointestinal tract is either irritated or swollen by an infection or blockage (as in the stomach bug). This usually lasts one to two days and isn't a sign of anything serious.
- Chemicals in the blood such as drugs
- Psychological stimuli from disturbing sights or smells
- Motion Sickness
However, if the vomiting is persistent, your child may become severely dehydrated. It can occasionally be a sign of something more serious, such as meningitis.

How do I stop my baby from vomiting after feeding?

- Avoid overfeeding. If the baby's stomach is too full, some of the contents might be pushed back out. To reduce overfeeding, feed your baby smaller amounts more frequently.

- Burp your baby frequently. Extra gas in the stomach causes gas bubbles to escape, which has a tendency to bring the rest of the stomach's contents up as well. Burp after and during meals.

- Limit active play after meals

- Hold your baby upright. Pressing on a baby's belly right after feeding may push their stomach contents out.

- Consider the formula. Frequent vomiting may serve as one of several signs that it's time to consider alternative formulas with your pediatrician.

- Give oatmeal. Only recommended for babies after 6 months old. Babies with reflux may need thicker food to order to swallow safely or reduce reflux.

What to do after baby throws up?

- Rest their stomach. Keep your baby from eating or drinking for 30 to 60 minutes after vomiting so that their stomach has time to recover.

- Give them fluids. after 3o minutes, start by giving your baby small amounts (0.5 oz or less) of fluid every 5 to 10 minutes. If your baby vomits the fluid out, wait another 30 minutes. Then start again with small amounts of fluid every 5 to 10 minutes. Use water, breast milk or a clear, noncarbonated liquid.

- Medicines. If your child has a fever, ask your pediatrician for the appropriate medication.

Best Baby Formula for Babies that Throw Up

1. Enfamil A+ Stage 1 A.R. Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder 900gram 

Enfamil A+ Stage 1 A.R. Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder 360DHA+

Thickening formula for reflux in infant
With over 100 years experience in paediatric nutrition, Mead Johnson Nutrition has designed Enfamil A+ A.R. This formula may be recommended by your doctor.

Enfamil A+ A.R. contains:
✓ Thickened with added rice starch
✓ 17mgΔ DHA & 34mgΔ ARA

Price on Lazada: SGD 63.20 > Buy on Lazada

2. Similac Total Comfort (Stage 1-3)

Similac Total Comfort Stage 1 Baby Milk Powder Formula 2'-FL 820g (upto 6 months)

Similac Total Comfort is Hypoallergenic and Lactose free. This formula is also a specialized formulation featuring 100% partially hydrolysed whey protein, designed for complete nutrition with a gentle touch. 

- A non-genetically modified infant formula which is USDA certified, it contains EyeQ Plus nutrition system with Natural Vitamin E, Lutein & DHA.

- A unique vegetable fat blend with no palm oil, and is GMO free.

Price on Lazada: starting from SGD 50.00 - Buy on Lazada

3. Nestle NAN OPTIPRO H.A. Formula (Stage 1-3)

Nestle NAN OPTIPRO H.A. Stage 3 Growing-Up Baby Formula
AN OPTIPRO H.A 1 provides your baby with all the nutrients essential for growth and development. It contains OPTIPRO H.A, an exclusive unique blend of partially hydrolzed protein broken down into pieces, 10 times smaller and made gentle for babies.

Optimized hypoallergenic protein blend with partially hydrolyzed proteins, 10 times smaller. High quality 100-percent whey protein and made gentle for babies. DHA & ARA - Important building blocks for the brain and eyes. 

BIFIDUS BL Probiotics- Protects against potentially harmful bacteria in the digestive system and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Iron and Zinc. No added sucrose.

Price on Lazada: starting from SGD 48.60 > Buy on Lazada

4. Enfamil A+ Gentlease Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder (Stage 1-2)
Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Gentlease Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder (0-12M) 900g

With over 100 years experience in paediatric nutrition, Mead Johnson Nutrition has designed Enfamil A+ Gentlease.

Enfamil A+ Gentlease Stage 1 and Stage 2 contains:
- Partially Hydrolyzed Protein (PHP)
- 17mgΔ DHA & 34mgΔ ARA

Price on Lazada: starting from SGD 63.30 > Buy on Lazada

5. Dumex Mamil Gold Soy Infant Formula Stage 1
Dumex Mamil Gold Soy Infant Formula Stage 1
A complete soy infant formula containing USA soy protein isolate to support overall growth and development for babies aged 0-12months. It may be recommended by doctors during lactose intolerance and cow's milk protein sensitivity, use with medical supervision.

Dumex Mamil® Soy is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and colourings and is an alternative for babies who preferred a diet without lactose and cow’s milk protein or on a vegan diet.

Price on Lazada: SGD 53.00 > Buy on Lazada

6. Enfamil Nutramigen LGG (0-12 months)

Enfamil Nutramigen LGG (0-12 months)

Nutramigen 1 with Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®) is with extensively hydrolysed protein. It is suitable for the dietary management of cow’s milk protein allergy.

- Nutramigen 1 with LGG® is lactose-free (Not suitable for infants with galactosaemia) 
- Contains 17mg DHA and 34mg ARA.

Price on Guardian: SGD 44.90 > Buy on Guardian

7. Frisolac Gold HA 400g (0-12 months)

Frisolac Gold HA 400g - Specialty Infant Baby Milk Formula for Newborn 0-12 months

Frisolac Gold HA (Hypo Allergen) is a new special formula for the dietary management of baby / infants who require hydrolyzed cow’s milk protein.It contains DHA, Nucleotides, Prebiotics (GOS) and lactose for growth and development.

Frisolac Gold HA is recommended for infants from 0 to 12 months and shall be used under medical supervision. This product is not suitable for babies with established cow’s milk allergy, please consult your doctor before usage.

Price on Lazada: SGD 27.90 > Buy on Lazada

All Milk Brands in Redmart / Lazada Singapore

Babybio Milk Formula Singapore / Organic + Goat Milk Option, Stage 1 to 3

Bellamy's Milk Formula Singapore / Organic, Stage 1 to 4, Pregnancy Milk

Bimbosan Milk Formula Singapore / Has organic options, Has goat milk options, Stage 1 to 3

Bubs Organic Milk Formula Singapore / Organic, Grass fed or goat milk options, Stage 1 to 3

- Gentlease for digestion problems / Post discharge for newborns 
- Enfamil AR (anti regurgitation) for acid reflux and spit up
-  Lactofree lactose free / Nutramigen hypoallergenic lactose free

Enfagrow Milk Formula Singapore / Stage 3 to Stage 5, Has Gentlease Option

- Comfort Next for constipation / AR thickened formula to reduce spit up 
- HA hydrolyzed formula for cow's milk protein allergy / Has Frisomum pregnancy and lactation formula

Holle Milk Formula Singapore / Organic + Organic Goat Milk Option, Stage 1 to 3

HIPP Milk Formula Singapore / Organic, Combiotik option has prebiotics, Stage 1 to 4

illuma Milk Formula Singapore / A2 Milk, Stage 1 and Stage 3

Isomil Milk Formula Singapore / Soy Formula, Stage 1 and Stage 3

Karihome Milk Formula Singapore / Goat milk, Stage 1 to 4 

Kendamil Milk Formula Singapore / Organic + Goat Milk Option, Stage 1 to 3

Nature One Dairy Milk Formula Singapore / Standard, Premium (More DHA, ARA, GOS, Lutein) and Organic Formulas, Stage 1 to 4, Has pregnancy formula

Viplus / Nestle NAN Milk Formula Singapore / Viplus is Organic, Nan HA (Hypoallergenic), Nan Sensitive, Nan CR for Constipation, Lactose Free 

Pediasure Milk Formula Singapore / For children 1-12 years old, Has sucrose free option

Wyeth S26 Milk Formula Singapore / Stage 1 to 4, Ascenda for growth (1 to 7 years old)

Similac Milk Formula Singapore / Total Comfort for sensitive stomachs, RS for anti regurgitation, Neosure for premature babies, Has organic option, Stage 1 to 4


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