Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (Mount E) Singapore

3 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228510
Contact: (+65) 6735-5000

e of Doctors (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist) -
Dr Loi Shen-Yi, Kelly 

Dr Chan Yew Foon 

Dr Cheng Theresa 

Dr Cheng Jew Ping 

Dr Chia Yee Tien 

Dr Chew Shing Chai 

Dr Ching Kwok Choy 

Dr Chng Keok Pang 

Dr Chong Kwang Dick 

Dr Chong Rosalind

Dr Chua Poh Kim Selina 

Dr Ho Kok Kee 

Dr Ilancheran A 

Dr Kek Lee Phin 

Dr Yap Lip Kee 

Dr Yeoh Swee Choo 

Dr Koh Chung Fai 

Dr Kowa Nam Sing 

Dr Lee Weng Soon James 

Dr Lien Lian Sze 

Dr Lim M P Charles 

Dr Lim Teck Beng 

Dr Loh Foo Hoe 

Dr Abu Julianah 

Dr Nair Suresh 

Dr Rauff Mary 

Dr Sim S L Patricia 

Dr Ng Kwok Weng Roy 

Dr Ong Kheng Ho Douglas 

Dr Ooi K H Alex 

Dr Singh Pritam 

Dr Tan Kee Lin 

Dr Tan Sian Ann, Ann 

Dr Teoh Seng Hin 

Dr Wee Dolly 

Dr Wong Lisa 

Dr Wong Peng Cheang 

Dr Yap Hui Ann Christine 

Dr Yap Lip Kee 

Dr Yeoh Swee Choo


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